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What really happened during the night Huey P. Newton was murdered within the same West Oakland community that he co-founded the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense? After 30 years of silence, Tyrone Robinson, the convicted murderer of Newton, exclusively speaks publicly for the first time in a documentary titled, “Three Shots In The Dark.”

Currently, in development, the title is referencing the late Tupac Shakur’s 1998 song, “Changes,” where raps, “it’s time to fight back that’s what Huey said. ‘Two shots in the dark’ now Huey’s dead. The objective of the documentary is to provide answers to many unanswered questions that arose over the years after the death of one of America’s most radical, but beloved leaders of the Black Power Movement, Dr. Huey P. Newton.

Newton’s final years of life are known locally as a man who fell victim to one of the very things he fought to help make his community stronger, drugs. Robinson was a low-level drug dealer who ran the streets to try to make a name for himself to help feed his family. Growing up in the free lunch programs that the Black Panthers started to feed local kids, Robinson personally knew and admired Newton over the years while growing up. Later in life during the height of America’s crack epidemic, Robinson became Newton’s drug supplier that would eventually contribute to his demise as both of their worlds collided by becoming victims of their very own environment.

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Release date for The People’s Department, the first installment of the three-part web series of The Last American Plantation

We’ve had a major distributor expressed interest in the development and a possible distribution deal, but as a precaution, we are moving on going to continue along the path of our original plan of “A” and keep it moving. 

After much struggle and delay, Art, Trade & Lifestyle Media Group, it will be releasing its first independent project, “The Last American Plantation.”  A three-part documentary web series about the Black Farmers and their troubled relationship over the last 150 years with the United States of America government agency, United States Department of Agricultural (USDA). 

Based on Art, Trade & Lifestyle’s founder’s, Miles J. Edwards, short documentary originally produced in 2013, The Last American Plantation, was a southern marvel as it was viewed over 50k times and received invites to be screen at two different film festivals, and more importantly, it helped initiate the conversation about the ongoing struggles of today’s Black Farmers. 

These past three, years Edwards has been working to redevelop his Black Farmers short into a full documentary, but with great help and research, he has been able to develop it much greater into a three-part web series. Originally founded in the east Atlanta community of Belvedere Park, GA, we currently now manage a location in San Francisco, CA. As an independent media group, Art, Trade & Lifestyle goal is to publish commercial editorial and video content that has an alternative appeal. We don’t just report what’s trending. We report matters within our community that’s happening.

On Friday, September 13th, 2019, Art, Trade & Lifestyle will be releasing the first installment of The Last American Plantation online series, “The People’s Department,” on A.T.L. SuperStation.  A subsidiary of Art, Trade & Lifestyle, A.T.L. SuperStation will exclusively screen all three installments on a 2-3 month release after one another. 

As we are also planning a 13-city screening tour, we are currently seeking sponsors to partner with.  If you are seeking to promote your product and/or services on a local, regional, national or even on an international level.  We have sponsorship packages that begin as low as $100.  We have the first 60 minute cut of “The People’s Department” available to view to give you first access of this viable project. 

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